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The Restaurant

Classically and casually southern, Poogan's smokehouse brings all that is true to the supper table. The patience, care and devotion emblematic of a true southern kitchen are evident in every dish served. From slow-cooked barbecue to local black-eyed pea salad, Chef Doyle's cooking is bound to his Carolina roots. With a commitment to support southern farm and purveyors, Poogan's Smokehouse sources the freshest, highest quality ingredients to create authentic flavors that let the ingredients shine. 


Smoked Meats

We Love Smoking Meat!!!


The joy of smoking meats is deeply ingrained in us from our Carolina roots.  We grew up at family pig pickins’ with pulled pork and ribs always being front and center.  Over the years, we have developed our own approach that harkens to the traditions of our childhood memories yet adds a bit of sophistication from our years as chefs.


First and foremost, we start off with the best possible product- Compart Doruc pork and Springer Mountain chicken.  The quality of these farms produces some of the tastiest, juiciest meats that we have ever encountered, and we are proud to serve them.  


Second, we smoke these fine cuts ‘low and slow’ with a unique blend of woods.  We start off using hickory for its heavy smoke content to set the tone and then switch to a milder white oak for the long burn.  Finally, we throw in some cherry wood to finish, which rounds off the smokiness with its inherent sweetness. The final product on your tray is years and years of tweaking various iterations, creating what we consider to be perfection!



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Pulled Pork